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Taxify Privacy Policy

Taxify Operations UK Limited (Companies House registration number: 11063356) (Information Commissioner's Office Registration Number: ZA308753), and its group companies Taxify OÜ (a limited company incorporated and registered in Estonia, registration code 124178434) and Taxify BV a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Netherlands, having its registered office in Radarweg 29, 1043NX Amsterdam, together, "Taxify" or "we" set out below how we use your personal data.

Taxify collects and processes personal data of:

  1. passengers in the course of installation and use of the Taxify app; and
  2. drivers in the course of installation and use of the Taxify driver app, and in their registration and onboarding and provision of services;

in accordance with the relevant terms of use.

The processing of geographical location data is necessary for use of the Taxify app.

1. What types of passenger personal data we collect and process

Taxify collects data about you which may include:

  • Name, telephone number, e-mail address, as collected during installation of the app;
  • Where you access and use the app from;
  • Where you register for an account, your user ID and password;
  • Where you choose to connect to the service from a third party service, such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, your information from that service;
  • Feedback ratings, payment information and payment history;
  • Information regarding your booking requests, including geographical location of the user, the time of provision of service, details of the route and destination, estimates of fares for your journey and price paid;
  • Text, images and other user content you provide;
  • If we ban or suspend you from use of the service, a record of that ban or suspension;
  • Identification data of the device on which the relevant Taxify app has been installed;
  • Cookies of the website save the website user's telephone number and geographic location data.

2. How and why we use this personal data

Taxify collects and uses personal data for purposes of providing the Taxify apps, including as follows:

  • We collect and process personal data for the purpose of accepting your journey request and finding and allocating a driver to fulfil your journey request;
  • We forward the data on geographic location of the passenger to drivers to enable them to decide whether to fulfil the passenger's requested journey and once the journey has been allocated, we also forward the telephone number of the passenger to the allocated driver;
  • We may use the personal data to resolve driver service quality issues or to improve our apps or security;
  • We use contact details to notify you of updates to the Taxify app;
  • If you have consented, we may contact you with promotional messages regarding the Taxify app;
  • We collect data of the routes taken by the Taxify app users to analyse the geographic coverage in order to make recommendations to the drivers;
  • The personal data collected via the Taxify app will be used for identification of passengers and their location(s) to drivers;.
  • We will hold and process your personal data for at least the time during which your account is activated and then in accordance with our legal obligations.

3. Direct marketing to users

We only use your e-mail address and phone number for sharing our product related marketing messages if you have given your consent on the website or in the Taxify app. If you no longer wish to receive direct marketing messages, please click the "Unsubscribe from direct marketing messages" link in the header of our e-mail or Profile section of Taxify mobile App.

4. Personal data of PHV drivers

We collect the following types of personal data:

  • Name, telephone number, e-mail address and banking or financial information;
  • Information about your driving licence, your vehicle and your insurance;
  • Background checks information in accordance with local licensing requirements, which may include medical certificates, topographical test certificates and English language test certificates;
  • Information collected from third parties about you in order to verify any information you supplied to Taxify during registration;
  • User name and password for the app;
  • Text, images, and other user content you provide;
  • Geographical locations when drivers are logged into the app;
  • Details of journeys and feedback ratings and duration of provision of journeys on each day;
  • Fare estimates, actual fares and payments made to drivers;
  • Details of app support queries you make;
  • If we withdraw your right to use the service, issue a warning a record of that withdrawal or warning;
  • Passenger complaints including lost property.

We collect and process personal data of drivers for verifying the driver's qualifications for pursuing this professional activity and safeguarding the contractual relations associated with the Taxify app service, including resolving any driver service quality issues and monitoring your compliance on an ongoing basis. The personal data of drivers may be handed over to the entities listed at

Taxify's dispatch operator can see the geographic location of a driver, information on dispatches and the times of using the service. If a driver would like for his or her geographic location not to be visible to the dispatch operator, he or she can disable the app by tapping the "Quit" button.

5. Disclosure of personal data to third parties

The personal data of users is only disclosed to those drivers who have activated the Taxify app; in such case, they will see the name, telephone number and geographic location of the user;

After providing the service, the name of the user will remain visible to the driver for 24 hours. This is necessary for drivers to resolve any issues associated with service provision, e.g., to contact the customer if something was left behind in the car;

Any feedback on the quality of the service is anonymous and drivers do not receive information on the names and telephone numbers of the users who provided feedback;

Taxify will disclose personal data to our third party service providers, who may be located in countries outside of the EEA, subject to contracts with those third parties. These may include IT or payment services providers or driver verification checks providers. Our payment provider, Ayden, is fully PCI DSS 3.2 compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider;

We may also share personal data with local licensing bodies, law enforcement, for legal reasons or if there is a change in ownership if our business or assets.

6. Your rights and deletion of data

If you would like to delete the personal data collected by us, please submit a written request to our customer support via After receiving the request we will delete the account if there are no any outstanding payments or as required for legal reasons. After account deletion the associated personal data will be anonymized.

Please note that the deinstallation of the Taxify app in your device does not cause the deletion of your personal data. If you want to delete your personal data collected by Taxify, please send a written request by email as indicated above. You should also bear in mind that the request to delete personal data is possible only if we delete your account and always subject to our legal requirements to retain any personal data. As a result of that you will not be able to use Taxify services under your existing account.

If you wish to access or correct your personal data or have any other concerns about the processing of your personal data by Taxify, please contact us Please be aware that Taxify may charge you a small fee of £10 for any such service.

7. Questions and updates

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy statement or your personal data, please contact us at

This privacy policy was last updated on 7 February 2018. Any changes we may make to this privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page and, where appropriate, notified by email. Please check back regularly to keep informed of updates or changes to this privacy policy.