Finnish Transport Minister Anne Berner has proposed big changes for Finnish taxi and transport industry. Finnish taxi industry have been stagnant for decades mainly due to limited number of taxi licenses and almost no competition of taxi dispatch centers. Proposed changes will create a “revolution” by opening up the market for competition and legalizing upcoming ridesharing services. Both of those changes would make on-demand transport services more affordable and widely available for consumers.

Taxify has met with Transport Minister Berner several times, last time in June 2016. Minister is confident that proposed transport law changes will be accepted by parliament during fall of 2016 and become active early 2017.

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Proposed law changes include to Finnish Transport Code:

  • Drivers do not need a taxi license to provide services up to 10,000 Euros per year. This is a major step and would create clear rules for ridesharing drivers. Ridesharing is a new and upcoming business model that did not exists when current taxi regulation was created. Considering average ride costs 10 Euros, ridesharing drivers could make up to 80 rides per month without a required license.
  • The limit of taxi licensed will be removed, every driver can apply for taxi license. Currently there is limited number of 1300 Taxi licenses in Helsinki area, which is clearly not enough during peak hours when taxi waiting times can vary from 30 to 90 minutes. If everybody could apply for taxi license, it creates more competition, lowers taxi service prices and improves the availability of taxi services.

More information about proposed transport law changes:


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