use taxify app and in-app payments for ordering taxi

Start using mobile payment with new Taxify app!

choose in-app payment method in taxify app

Using is easy!

  1. Confirm your address.
  2. Choose payment method.
  3. Enter your credit card (or debit card with online payment option).
  4. Order taxi as usual.
What next?

  1. No payment for taxi driver.
  2. You will see price of the ride in your app.
  3. You receive summary of the ride to your e-mail.
  4. Rate your ride.

Attention - Swedbank card holders

Please active "Secure internet payments" for your bank card in order to pay for Taxify rides and in other e-shops.

Swedbank - Taxify Mobile Payments and Secure internet shopping

Why is it good?

Taxify mobile payment saves time! And now you can drive with taxi even if you have forgotten your wallet or if you don’t have ATM nearby.

Use our new mobile payment option and share your feedback with us

As the mobile payment is also new for taxi drivers, we apologise for any inconveniences during their first rides.