Driver app download guide

This guide shows how to download Taxify driver app. If you have any questions email us at

If you have already downloaded the Driver app, then be sure to check out the driver app tutorial. Driver app tutorial



  • Smartphone or tablet with Android 4.0+ / iOS 7.0+ on iPhone
  • Mobile Internet (3G) and GPS
  • Car charger, otherwise the battery will run out in 5-6 hours
  • A registered and verified Taxify Driver account.

* If you don't have a smartphone yet, then we recommend to check out local shops for any cheap Android phones.



Open the Taxify driver app

Click Install

Confirm the installation in the popup window.

The app is now being downloaded on your phone.



When the installation is complete a notification will pop up on the top bar.

Pull the bar downwards to see the Taxify app icon.

Press on the icon to open the app..

A few tips:

Add the Taxify app to your homescreen to access it quickly. You can do so by opening the app list on your phone and then clicking and holding the Taxify app icon until you can set it on your homescreen.

If you see an update icon on your phone top bar, then check out this guide to update the Taxify app. This will ensure, that you have the latest and best working app.

In case of any questions, please email us to or contact your local city's Driver Manager.