Šiauliai, لتوانيا

Taxify in Šiauliai

Wherever you are in the beautiful city of Šiauliai also known as Sun city, from The Golden Boy of Šiauliai to one and only Bicycle Museum in Lithuania, Taxify is just a tap of a button away.

الخدمات المُتاحة

Verified private drivers with good quality cars. Minute fee applies for the whole duration of the ride.
1 - 4
0.60€ Base
0.50€ KM + 0.10€ MIN
2.00€ Minimum

Affordable rides.
1 - 4
0.75€ Base
0.65€ KM + 0.10€ MIN
0.75€ Minimum

6-seat bus service.
1 - 6
1.00€ Base
1.00€ KM + 0.16€ MIN
1.00€ Minimum

Earn Money Driving with Taxify

Work with your own schedule. No monthly fees, no minimum hours and no boss.

Drive with Taxify

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