Pietermaritzburg, სამხრეთ აფრიკა

ტაქსიფაი Pietermaritzburg

Just a stone throw away from Durban in the Msunduzi River valley lies this beautiful City of Flowers. Weather you are heading in for a business meeting or out for a relaxing day at Alexandra Park, request one of Taxify's friendly, reliable drivers in seconds from anywhere to anywhere you need to go!

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იმუშავეთ საკუთარი განრიგით. არავითარი მინიმალური სამუშაო საათები და არც უფროსი.

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Our office is currently closed. This is temporary and we look forward to sharing an exciting way forward by activating your driver profile very soon!Vehicle approval with required documents and linking requests may be sent to durban@taxify.eu
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