Таллинн, Эстония

Taxify в Таллинн

Tallinn is the hometown of Taxify. From the Old Town to Ülemiste to the suburbs of Pirita. No matter where you are in Tallinn, count on Taxify to get you a ride within minutes. Taxify will find you a ride at the tap of a button.

Доступные Услуги

Частный водитель
Verified private drivers with good quality cars. Minute fee applies for the whole duration of the ride.
Экономичное Такси
Economy class licensed taxis. Cars up to 12 years old.
Licensed taxis that meet Taxify quality standards, up to 7 year cars.

Зарабатывай с Taxify

Work with your own schedule. No monthly fees, no minimum hours and no boss.

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